About Us

My name is Taylor Graffeo, founder of Glory Pickleball, a Christian owned pickleball company based in Columbus, OH. I am committed to providing high quality pickleball products and apparel at an affordable price and giving God all of the glory. I am married to my sweet wife, Kate who has been my number 1 supporter. When I am not spending time with her I am out playing pickleball.

I started GLORY Pickleball when I was considering what paddle I wanted to purchase next. It seemed like every paddle I considered was more expensive then the next. $220, $250, $333?! Then began my research. My investigative and entrepreneurial mind went to work and would not let me sleep. I realized that the large pickleball companies are charging as much as they are to support their marketing budgets, sponsoring athletes, and paying employees to research and develop. If I could find a way to offer a lower priced paddle with the same high quality materials and technology I think I could make many people happy. 

I also could not find any company that was Christian owned. One of the best things about pickleball in my opinion is the social aspect and number of new people you can meet. I created GLORY Pickleball as a way to easily start a conversation about faith with people that may have otherwise never been exposed to the word of God. God comes first in my life and I hope that you will at least explore the possibility of getting to know Him personally.

My hope is that the GLORY Pickleball branding will spark conversations with friends, family, and strangers alike. 

10% of all proceeds are donated to a local Christian church.






Integrity /Honesty